Art From The Heart: Abstract Painting
With Sandi Lovitz

January 18 – April 11, 2024

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Art from the Heart: Abstract Painting
w/Sandi Neiman Lovitz
A twelve (12) session course
Thursdays, 1:00 – 4:00 pm
No class on 3/28

Abstract art is about expression. Life offers so many challenges and having a place to learn how to release all those feelings with smiles is “worth its weight in gold”. There are so many ways to free yourself when doing abstractions. Using colors you were afraid to use, making silly marks, and doing things with the innocence of a child. No wrongs or rights just, but just having fun and letting go. If you want to learn how to express your inner thoughts and sharpen your skills at the same time, this is a great class for you. We will talk about composition, acrylic techniques, space, and rhythm while having a really good time doing it.
Disposable palette pads
Acrylics.. and mediums I purchase from www.Novacolorpaints.com NOVA COLOR STARTER BUNDLE
Synthetic acrylic brushes
Different sizes
Acrylic paper pad
Canvases (panels or stretched canvas) Various sizes…11 x 14 or larger