Enamel Jewelry: Glass on Metal
With Emily Pellini

January 18 – April 11, 2024

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Enamel Jewlery: Glass on Metal
w/Emily Pellini
A twelve (12) session course
No class on 3/28
In this demonstration focused, multi-week class, students will learn the foundations of enameling on metal to create lightweight, wearable jewelry.
Utilizing traditional metal fabrication and cold connections, students will learn silver soldering, earwire fitting, filing, sanding, and sawing, and light forming. They will then take their prepared metal and apply multiple layers of vitreous glass enamel, which will add color and even potential imagery to their new wearable pieces.
Finally, students will learn about finishing and care to make their pieces sustain everyday wear and comfort.
Techniques demonstrated:
Silver soldering, riveting, wire manipulation, metal tumbling, filing, sanding, sawing & piercing, finishing, enamel layering, wet-packing, surface decoration including: decal application, overglazing, etching, graphite, sugar firing
Students required to bring:
KN95 dust mask (note: need mask close to face for glass and metal dust inhalation concerns)
sharpie marker
3-5 Thompson Enamel Colors (Opaque 1000 series, 80 grit, 2oz)
Additional copper shapes/blanks if desired