Exploring Walnut Ink
With Carol Kardon

February 8 – March 21, 2024

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Exploring Walnut Ink
w/Carol Kardon
A seven (7) session course
2/8/24 – 3/21/24

Van Gogh used a bamboo reed pen to create his incredible intricate drawings. Using a reed pen, watercolor brush, sponge, rage and even an old toothbrush we will create beautiful works of art with Walnut Ink. The unique inherent qualities of Walnut Ink make it possible to not only put the ink on paper but also to use water to remove the ink. A variety of materials offer the possibility of hatching, cross hatching, blurring lines, softening edges and layering marks. Exploring graduations of light and dark create wonderful atmospheric effects be it landscapes, figures, or still life. Just a few lines without any preconceived idea may erupt into a pulsating enchanting painting. Come join me and fall in love with Walnut Ink!
Materials: Bottle of Walnut Ink, small watercolor brush, any size bamboo reed pen, any size straight pen, water container, paper towel or rag, 2B drawing pencil, sketch book with watercolor paper or sheet or individuals’ watercolor paper.