Fresh Water; Watercolor Workshop with Stewart White
With Stewart White

March 16–17, 2024

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Fresh Water
Watercolor Workshop
with Stewart White
March 16 & 17
10:00am – 4:00pm
What are the brush strokes and washes that keep a watercolor looking fresh and full of LIFE? In this workshop we will replicate multiple wet washes and clean strokes of color, exploring how to interpret a landscape in a Fresh way.
Participants will learn how Stewart approaches watercolor painting from beginning to knowing when to stop. Learn how to create moods, temperature and fresh washes in watercolor working from slides, still life, the figure and en plein air.
A two day workshop will:
Give you the tools to confidently lay down a variety of washes, work wet-in-wet with predictable results, see dynamic compositions, strategies to simplification and approach virtually any subject with effective strategies to execute a successful painting.
Areas covered.
Washes of all kinds
Effective mark making
Subject selection
Color Palettes
Paper choices
Selecting and deselecting
Personal Critiques
The workshop will be broken up into 7 segments:
Introduction to Working with Watercolor
Morning demos: a limited palette
Class drills and studies recreating the demo
Instructor Critique
Lunch break
Afternoon demo preferably outdoors introducing a third color
Class paints Outdoors with instructor critiques
Class Critiques
Day 2 expanding on color ranges and palette drills
Simplification is not that simple
Copying the masters
Putting It All together
Stewart White Biography
Stewart White – AWS, NWS, ASMA (and so many other initials but really, who keeps track)
Stewart White is an artist from Easton, Maryland. He works as freelance illustrator specializing in architectural illustration. The flexible nature of watercolor painting can impart both precision and illusion, for that reason it is extremely useful in conveying as yet unrealized concepts with great efficiency. Besides illustration, Stewart is always out and about painting “en plein air” or in studio.
Stewart studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and after serving 3 years in the US Army he received a BFA from UC Berkeley with a minor in Art History. As a carpenter of many years his interests found a perfect balance between Art and Architecture in a career in architectural illustration. His skill in both oil, egg tempera and watercolors have garnered many awards. He is a Grand Prize winner of several of the country’s most prestigious plein air competitions, which in a field dominated by oil painters is a significant accomplishment.
Stewart is a past President of the Mid-Atlantic Plein-Air Painters Association (MAPAPA). He exhibits his paintings in juried and gallery exhibitions throughout the US. Stewart is a member of the American Impressionists Society (AIS), a signature member of the National Watercolor Society (NWS), a signature member of the American Watercolor Society (AWS) as well as the American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA) and past President (2012) of The American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI). He has spent many years as a mural painter with commissions that include: the Smithsonian Institute, The US Naval Academy, The Texas Rangers Baseball Club and prestigious homes too many to list.
Stewart White is represented by Folly Cove Gallery in Rockport MA. And By McBride Gallery in Annapolis, MD.