New! Pottery: Exploring the Coil Pot
With Veronica McLaughlin

January 22 – April 8, 2024

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Pottery: Exploring the Coil Pot
w/Veronica McLaughlin
A ten (10) session course
No class on 2/19 & 3/25
Coil pots are one of the most traditional ways of creating with clay. In this class, we will honor that tradition while each artist adds their own personal flair to their projects. We will be learning how to create, decorate, bend, attach, pinch, smash, and explore coils of many sizes and variety.
Coil pots have a whole new set of rules and possibilities to navigate with an endless number of outcomes so bring your creativity and get ready for fun! This class has a slower and more relaxing pace for anyone ready to feel calm while creating. Grab your apron and a friend and get ready for a great class!
Tuition includes a bag of clay, plus glazes and firing fees for work completed in class.