Painting Over the Line 5 hours
With Kassem Amoudi

January 22 – April 8, 2024

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Painting Over The Line w/Kassem Amoudi
In studio twelve (10) session, five (5) hour course.
No class on 2/19 and 3/25

Take your work to the next level under the mentoring guidance of artist/critic Kassem Amoudi. In this live focused open studio environment, all levels of students will discover how to enhance their own visual language and interests exploring new ways of painting. Expert instruction and advice from the instructor will push students to explore new possibilities and work more intuitively, allowing unplanned marks and passages to become artistic breakthroughs. Examples from contemporary and modern art will be examined to promote a broader understanding of the abstract qualities of space, line and color. Advance beyond confined lines and hard edges to a more liberated way of painting. It does not matter What you paint. It is the How you paint it.
All Levels