Pottery Advanced Hand & Wheel
With Veronica McLaughlin

January 23 – April 9, 2024

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Pottery Advanced Hand & Wheel
w/Veronica McLaughlin
A twelve (12) session course
The same fun atmosphere and skill based learning as the Beginners Hand and Wheel class, but we are stepping it up a notch! Come test your skills and push your limits in this fast-paced, process based class. We will be fine-tuning the throwing process and creating projects that are based off of the pieces thrown on the wheel. Get ready to throw, trim, alter, coil, carve, and attach your way into some unique functional and non-functional ceramic pieces. If you have a couple throwing classed in the books and want to improve and explore mor in clay, this is the class for you! Bring your tools and get ready for a new challenge and demonstration every week.
Tuition includes your first bag of stoneware plus glazing and firing of work completed in your coursework.