Past Exhibition

ArtQuilt Elements 2016

March 18 – April 30, 2016

Bring AQE home with you by purchasing the exhibition catalog! This full-color book features bright images of each quilt along with artists’ statements and letters from the juror, the AQE Committee, and WAC’s Executive Director. Catalogs will continue to be available after the exhibition closes.

There are three ways to purchase your copy today:
Visit Wayne Art Center (and see the exhibition live!)
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Want to relive past AQE exhibitions? AQE 2010 and 2012 catalogs are available for $5 and AQE 2014 catalogs are available for $20. Visit the Art Center or call us for more information.

AQE 2016 is the 12th Exhibition of this internationally acclaimed show set in suburban Philadelphia.

“One of the distinctions of our show is our professional presentation of art quilts. The exhibition has been widely praised by reviewers and artists not only for exhibiting the quilts in a gallery setting but also for promoting the art quilt as an art form.”

Juror: Bruce Pepich
Racine Art Museum, Executive Director and Curator of Collections

Visit the ArtQuilt Elements website.

Congratulations to the 2016 Art Quilt Elements artists!

Betsy Abbott, MA
Naomi S. Adams, ID
Gail J. Baar, IL
Nancy Bardach, CA
Linda Beach, CO
Margaret Black, PA
Lynda K. Boardman, PA
Elizabeth Brandt, MI
Eliza Brewster, PA
Peggy Brown, IN
Mary T. Buchanan, VA
Bonnie M. Bucknam, WA
Marianne Burr, WA
Betty Busby, NM
Susan Callahan, MD
Benedicte Caneill, NY
Cher Cartwright, Canada
Shin-hee Chin, KS
Linda Colsh, MD
Sara Drower, IL
Dianne Firth, Australia
Frances A. Frederick, PA
Kerri M. Green, TX
Sandy Gregg, MA
Desiree D. Habicht, CA
Ayn Hanna, CO
Rosemary Hoffenberg, MA
Beth Porter Johnson, TN
Ann Johnston, OR
Jill A. Kerttula, VA
Lisa Kijak, CA
Brigitte Kopp, Germany
Pat Kroth, WI
Paulette Landers, OR
Judy Langille, NJ
Judith Larzelere, RI
Tracey Lawko, Canada
Susan Leonard, PA
Kathleen Loomis, KY
Niraja C. Lorenz, OR
Lori Lupe Pelish, NY
Jeanne Marklin, MA
Valerie Maser-Flanagan, MA
Sherri Lipman McCauley, TX
Lorie McCown, VA
Diane Melms, AK
Alicia Merrett, England
Sharon R. Nemirov, AZ
Kathy Nida, CA
Dan Olfe, CA
Mary B, Pal, Canada
Marti Plager, KY
Dorothy Raymond, CO
Denise L. Roberts, WV
Meryl H. Ruth, ME
Dinah Sargeant, CA
Barbara J. Schneider, IL
Karen Schulz, MD
Diane Siebels, VA
Brenda Gael Smith, Australia
Kerby C. Smith, CA
Jim S. Smoote, IL
K. Velis Turan, NY
Barbara W. Watler, FL
Hope Wilmarth, TX
Charlotte Ziebarth, CO

It is an honor to be selected for this prestigious exhibition, and even more so to be recognized with an award. When I first entered the galleries, I was struck by the strong visual impact of the works… and that smaller works can hold their own and be recognized. I’d like to acknowledge the effort that went into presenting a very successful exhibition.
— Tracey Lawko, AQE 2016 Artist and winner of the “Greater than the Sum of Its Parts” award
We absolutely loved Art Quilt Elements. Your talent is amazing. What beautiful pieces you have hanging in the display. I didn’t know there’d be so many peaceful, beautiful areas to walk through!
— Grace, 7 years old
It has been a huge honor to have had a quilt in Art Quilt Elements 2016. I appreciated the small touches that added to the exhibit.
-Beth Johnson, AQE 2016 Artist

Nancy Bardach, Composing Colors

Lori Lupe Pelish, Questionable

Karen Schulz, Two Eggs, One Basket

Barbara Watler, Convergence

Top of page: Naomi Adams, Kindred