Past Exhibition

Craft Forms 1999

December 3, 1999 – January 22, 2000

48 works by 33 craft artists will be on display in the Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Gallery. This juried exhibition of fine craft is a display of innovative ceramic sculpture, jewelry, metal sculpture, wood sculpture and furniture as well as fiber art from artists across the country.

Alec Karros, Lebanon, NJ
Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, Stoneridge, NY
Sandra Brownlee, Philadelphia, PA

Best of Show:
Andrew MacDonald, “Looking for the Center”
Best of Show: Sherry Simms, “Mascara”
Juror’s Choice: Diane Banks, “Held Together by a Thread”
Juror’s Choice: Susan Beiner, “Mom’s Keepsake”
Juror’s Choice: Pilar Coover, “The Tree of Merriment”
Juror’s Choice: Veleta Vancza, “Straws”
Juror’s Choice: Jae Yong Kim, “MoMo & Me”
Craft Award: Jerry Austin, “Boat”
Craft Award: Seth Barrett, “Cabinet Structure”
Craft Award: Amanda Butler, “Marie the Fourth”
Craft Award: Eric Ely, “Fight”

Jerry Austin, TX
Diane Banks, IO
Julia Barello, NM
Seth Barrett, PA
Susan Beiner, MI
Amanda Butler, OH
Sofia Calderwood, OH
Pilar Coover, RI
Eric Eley, PA
Carl Erickson, MN
Diane Field, OR
David Gibson, PA
Krista Grecco, OH
Celina Grigore, CO
Alexandra Hart, CA
Nancy Hayes, MA
Yeon-Mi Kang, IL
Jae-Yong Kim, MI
Jihye Kim, IL
Jene Laman, TX
Shen-Lung Lee, IL
Susan Lewis, FL
Jeff Longtin, MN
Andrew Macdonald, IL
Bob Marsh, PA
Kiyo Matsumoto,  AK
Frank McPherson, PA
Sarah Perkins, MO
Adam Posnak, LA
Sherry Simms, NY
Heather Tewell, WA
Veleta Vancza, NY
Sung E. Wang, TN
Jeffrey Warnock, PA
Sadie Whang, NJ

Business/Corporate Sponsors
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Bajus
F.L. Bissinger, Inc.
R. J. Campbell Builders
Commerce Bank
Cowan’s Flowers
Del Val Potter’s Supply
E.J. DeJoseph Insurance
Barbara J. Deuber,
Weichert Realtors
Ernest Eadeh
Bruce P. & Peggy Hart Earle
First Main Line Bank
First Union National Bank
William H. Fritz, Inc.
Susan Gerrity,
Allstate Insurance Company
Greystone Benefits, Inc.
Hana Japanese Restaurant
St. George Hunt Veterinary Clinic
Cristina S. Irvin
Little House Shop and
The Little House Stationers
Mercedes Benz of Devon
Caleb Meyer Jewelers of Chestnut Hill
Minuteman Press
Jean Quist Boutique
The Putaway Tennis Shop
The Station Café
Taquet Restaurant

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