Past Exhibition

Craft Forms 2005

December 3, 2005 – January 27, 2006

“Craft Forms 2005,” a national juried exhibition and sale of contemporary craft, will open at the Wayne Art Center on December 3, 2005, and continue through January 27, 2006.  The show will feature works in ceramics, wood, fiber, metal, glass and mixed media from the nation’s leading craft artists. 

The eleventh annual “Craft Forms” attracted over 769 entries by craft artists from the United States and Canada.  David R. McFadden, juror for “Craft Forms 2005,” chose 97 objects, by 84 artists from 27 states, for this year’s show. He will present $3,000 in awards to artists at the opening reception. Mr. McFadden will deliver a “Juror’s Talk” on his selections on Saturday, December 3, at 1:00 p.m. in the Center’s Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Gallery.  The lecture is free and open to the public.

David Revere McFadden is currently Chief Curator and Vice President for Programs and Collections at the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City. McFadden has organized over 150 exhibitions on decorative arts, design and craft, covering developments from the ancient world to the present day. He has published over 100 books, articles, catalogs and reviews worldwide, and has delivered over 300 lectures and papers to national and international audiences. Mr. McFadden has also received the Presidential Award for Excellence in 1994, 1995 and 1997. 

Jamie Adams, PA, Blossom
Dona Anderson, WA, ABODE
Daniel Bare, MI, Wall Platter
Beth Barron, MN, Pressed
Lauren Bauman, OH, Maura’s Book: Perhaps #2
Kristin Beeler, CA, Market I
Mary Behrens, IA, Trammel Box: Closed
Susan Beiner, PA, No Longer Opposite
Charles Birnbaum, NY, Oceanus II
Nina Blackmon, IL, Riveaux, Redux
Deborah Brand, NY, Babes InTinland
Sally Brogden, TN, Untitled
Phillip Carrizzi, MI, Verge (Set of 3)
Phillip Carrizzi, MI, Syn-Bracelet
Katy Cassell, OH, Kashmiri Camouflage
Katy Cassell, OH, Lost In Iraq
Li Chai, ON, Coral
Alana Clearlake, CA, Origami Series: Arizona Dessert
Larry Deemer, NY, Coaxing the Elements, #1
Larry Deemer, NY, Coaxing the Elements, #2
Tahmi DeSchepper, IA, Pearl Filled Crown Sinnet Neclace
Joseph/Lorene Detwiler/Nickel, VA, Mars Vessel
Patricia Frik, MA, 117 Toothpicks
Dewey Garrett, CA, Red Palm
Dewey Garrett, CA, Yellow Palm
Carrie Garrott, IN, Bottle Chain
Carrie Garrott, IN, Cluster Brooches
Gabrielle Gould, FL, Feather Cascade, Multi-Feathers
Kaminer Haislip, SC, Obscure Flap
John Jensen, CA, Krystallos
John Jensen, CA, Synchronicity
Shin-Yeon Jeon, MD, Self Portrait
Jacqueline Johnson, NY, Twist in Reds
Joy Kampia, MD, Dinner For Eight
Stephen Robison and Kathleen Guss, NC, Caja Alta
Mary Kester, NY, Black Menhir
Anya Kivarkis, OR, Brooch
Anya Kivarkis, OR, Brooch
Susan Klein, PA, Bombing of Baghdad
Mika Laidlaw, MN, Perch
Ed Lee, PA, The Tub II (After Degas)
Beverly Leviner, PA, Vessel Wall
Ingrid Lilligren, IA, Dilly Dally
Donna Lish, NJ, Saeculum: Vertical Mass
Ted Lott, ME, Hammer No. 3
Brooke Marks-Swanson, IN, Green Towers
Una Mjurka, CA, Empty…Full
Jillian Moore, IA, Skewed Double Eggs
Jillian Moore, IA, D’orvam Cluster
Joe Muench, IA, Slung
Noel Palomo-Lovinski, OH, Confessional Celebrity Dress I
Camilla Pearce, PA, Boxer Rebellion Series: Spirals
Lori Pelish, NY, Seriously Swirled
Cristina Pellechio, VT, La Regola Del Tre
Greg Penner, KY, Sugar & Spice
Sarah Perkins, MO, Bloomers container
Amy Pfeiler-Wunder, IA, Untitled
Anya Pinchuk, DC, Brooch
Natalya Pinchuk, TX, Cars. Brooch
Anne Potter, IN, Three Joshs
Gail Ralston, KS, Blushing Neckpiece
Ann Rast, IL, Leg Milagro
Ann Rast, IL, Arm Milagro
Susan Reckford, NJ, Chuck Up Close
Hope R Rovelto, ME, In The Middle
Zuzana Rudavska, NY, Circle
Gary Schott, IL, Bracelet #4
Gary Schott, IL, Bracelet
Scott Schuldt, WA, Introduction to Basketmakers
Ann Schumacher, MI, From Darkness To Light
Daniel Schwartz, IN, Vacillate
Claire Shenk Rodgers, PA, Bluewalker Vase 3
Jury Smith, PA, Tempered Rise
Jim Smoote II, IL, Mangbetu
Randi Solin, VT, Uruqin
Greg Stahly, NY, Endpoint
Ron Starr, IL, Rusty Plank
Courtney Starrett, MI, Bubbles Brooch
Julie Stumpf, IN, Fur Collar
Carol Swol, IL, Iiiterate Tuft Brooch
Carol Swol, IL, Iiiterate Hoodoobrooch
James Thurman, PA, Tectonic Plate 04-0212
James Thurman, PA, Visual Audio II
Rebecca Tomas, WA, Blossom
Jennifer Trask, NY, Red Ochre Necklace
Susan Tunick, NY, Klee’s Clay #1
Kristin Tweed, FL, #36 Big Head Series – The Lawyer
Joyce Utting Schutter, MA, Arcidae’s Purse
Veleta Vancza, PA, Target Re-Formed
Veleta Vancza, PA, Target De-Formed
Shayla Vines, MA, Symbolic Discourse #1
Libby Water Studios, FL, Galaxy II
Barbara Watler, FL, Vibrations I
Ann Wolf, CA, Fit for a Patriot
CJ Wood, KS, The other side
Carol Woolford, PA, Thin Skinned
Hui-Yun Wu, IA, Mother Tea Pot

Una Mjurka, Empty... Full

Katy Cassell

Greg Stahly, Endpoint

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