Past Exhibition

Forget Not Beauty, The Legacy of Arthur DeCosta
An exhibition of former students of Arthur DeCosta including works by DeCosta.

October 17 – November 13, 2021

This exhibition celebrates the enduring contribution of Arthur DeCosta to those men and women who had the opportunity to study with him at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts from 1966 through 1988.

His purpose as an instructor was to offer his students a foundation of understanding of the expressive possibilities of painting. This was communicated by making the students aware of the history of painting from the Renaissance through the Impressionists and Modernism. DeCosta was known for his extraordinary knowledge of traditional oil painting materials and techniques which he acquired through his own independent study.

Arthur DeCosta himself was an atmospheric-representational painter in an era when representational painting was no longer the establishment. For the artists in this exhibition he represented an access to, and advocate of connection with the greatness of painting. His gift to his students was extraordinary knowledge and support in their pursuit of individual artistic identity.

Forget Not Beauty, the Legacy of Arthur DeCosta features work by Arthur DeCosta as well as his students: Bo Bartlett, Stanley Bielen, J. Clayton Bright, Patrick Connors, Taryn Day, Vincent Desiderio, Paul DuSold, Doug Ferrin, Carol Gaines, Al Gury, Nicholas James Harris, Charles Jay, Russell Recchion, Wade Schuman, Stuart Shils, Robert Simon, Rebecca Dvorin Strong.

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