Past Exhibition

Inspiring Craft

November 30, 2007 – January 24, 2008

With the culmination of a recent expansion that now includes two outstanding art galleries, the Wayne Art Center will host a companion invitational exhibition highlighting our own craft faculty along with a mentor of his/her choosing.  Inspiring Craft will open on Friday, November 30th and continue through January 24, 2008. 

Rita Bernstein
Kathy Bright
Christopher C. Darway
Dan DeVos
Rich Farrow
Cindy Friedman
Ryan Greenheck
Patricia Halsey
James House
Alec Karros
Terry Kovalcik
Fred Kreitchet
Frank McPherson
Karen Misher
Mary Elizabeth Nelson
Marthe Ann Roberts/Shea
Debbie Schwartzman
Michael Smyser
Janice Strawder
Brett Thomas
Demitra Thomloudis
Shawn Towey
Jennifer Wankoff
Debbie Williams
Maryann Worrell
Anna Zadlo

Top of page: Marthe Ann Roberts/Shea, Big Oval Pearl Brooch