Past Exhibition

Living with Craft

December 5, 2014 – January 31, 2015

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In conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of Craft Forms, the Wayne Art Center proudly presents this year’s companion exhibition, Living with Craft, in the Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Gallery. After showcasing the unique works of more than 2,000 talented craft artists over the past 20 year, Wayne Art Center became excited about the idea of curating an exhibition that celebrated both the aesthetic and functional role craft plays in everyday lives. With more than 200 works of fine contemporary craft by 53 artists, Living with Craft demonstrates the potential for contemporary craft to complement and enhance one’s home décor. Outstanding works of furniture, lighting, floor coverings, textiles, ceramics, jewelry, glass, fiber, metal and mixed media were selected to created installations that represent interior living environments. These works hope to inspire the visitors with creative and functional ideas for incorporating original, handmade works of contemporary craft into daily lives. The Wayne Art Center is grateful to all the artists, participating in Living with Craft and is pleased to share with visitor their insider view of the materials, processes and concepts behind their works.

Heather Bayless
Vivian Beer
Josh Bernbaum
Michael Biello
Ed Bing Lee
Charissa Brock
Michael Brolly
Jim Connell
Mark Del Guidice
Erik and Martin Demaine
Devon Tile and Design
Dan DeVos
Geoffrey Dubinsky
Joost During
Maria Eife
Sheila Ferri
Frankie Flood
Susan Freda
Derek Hennigar
Danny Kamerath
Ray Kelso
Laura Kishimoto
David Knopp
Jack Larimore
Rick Laufer
Meg Little
Lori Lupe Pelish
Jeff Mack
Jeff Mack with Aaron Quigley
Gary Magakis
Jack Mauch
James McNabb
Frank McPherson
Jennifer Merchant
Thomas Moser
Mira Nakashima
Sarah E. Perkins
Wen Redmond
Gustav Reyes
Jo Roessler
Lonni Rossi
Mark Sfirri
Brad Smith
Janice Smith
Shawn Spangler
Joy Stember
Cameron Taylor-Brown
van Rensselaer
Anne Vincent
Paulette Werger
Ann Williamson
Faith Wilson
Catherine Winkler Rayroud
Royce Yoder

Paulette Werger, Tendril Spoons

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