Past Exhibition

Nature in Craft

December 6, 2013 – January 25, 2014

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In conjunction with Craft Forms 2013, the Wayne Art Center will feature a new exhibition titled, Nature in Craft. Nature in Craft will feature works in a diverse range of craft mediums that represent a variety of compelling interpretations of the natural world from over 47 craft artists who work in glass, wood, clay, fiber, metal, jewelry and mixed medium are from Philadelphia, United States, Canada, UK, Japan and other countries. 

A portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Natural Lands Trust. The region’s largest land conservation organization, the Natural Lands Trust has saved more than 100,000 acres of land in its 60-year history. Since 1953, they have worked to restore and protect healthy habitats for native plants and animals, clean watersheds for people and wildlife, unspoiled areas for public enjoyment, and the beauty of our regions’ natural lands for generations to come.

Michael Bauermeister, MO
Hratch Babikian, PA
Dorothy Gill Barnes, OH
Lise Bech, Scotland
Carrie Bilbo, NY
Claire Brewster, UK
Charissa Brock, OR
Sharon Church, PA
Angela Cunningham, MA
Marjolein Dallinga, Canada
Carol Eckert, AZ
Lindsay Feuer, PA
Shane Fero, NC
Geoffrey Gorman, NM
Josepha Graci, MI
Melissa Guglielmo, PA
Andrea Haffner, DC
Joseph Harrington, England
Lotta Helleberg, VA
Kimiake Higuchi, Japan
Shin-ichi Higuchi, Japan
Joe Hogan, Ireland
Amanda Jaffe, NM
Maria Jauhianen, UK
Lewis Knauss, PA
Jack Larimore, PA
Camille Leavitt, PA
Greg Leavitt, PA
Tiana Leavitt, PA
Mi-Kyoung Lee, PA
Alexandra Lozier, NY
Jack Mauch, NH
Jennifer McCurdy, MA
Elizabeth Mears, VA
Debora Muhl, PA
Mary Elizabeth Nelson, PA
Marc Petrovic, CT
Lesley Richmond, Canada
Christopher Ries, PA
Judith Rosenthal, NJ
Emi Savacool, NJ
Norm Sartorius, WV
Barbara Schneider, IL
Deborah Schwartzman, PA
Eric Serritella, NC
Dale Shuffler, PA
Robin Stanaway, NM
Paul Stankard, NJ
Jennifer Heller Zurick, KY

Judith Rosenthal, Garden Bowl

Joe Hogan, Bird Beak Pouch

Top of page: Christopher Ries, Sunflower