Painting with Water Mixable Oils

Saturday, March 9, 2024

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Painting with Water Mixable Oils
w/Beth Bathe
Saturday 3/9/23
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Wondering what Water Mixable Oil paints are all about? Known for blurring the line between watercolor and oil paintings, Beth Bathe’s unparalleled style evokes feelings of nostalgia, like an old sepia-toned photograph. Beth uses unconventional tools including squeegees and Q-tips, along with her brushes focusing on composition, values, edges, and drawing rather than color.
During this one-day intensive workshop, Beth shares her unique technique with students. In the morning Beth will do a demo and show how she uses photography and simple apps on her phone to simplify forms enhance value and emphasize composition. In the afternoon students will work from photos (either bring your own on your phone/iPad, or Beth will have prints to share).
Students are encouraged to use water mixable (soluble) oils to get the most out of the workshop. Beth will have paint for her students to try as well as one of her prepared painting panels, brushes and other supplies for you to use during the workshop.
This workshop is for all level of painters – from beginners to returnees.
Beth Bathe Supply List:
Beth will be providing and are included in price of workshop:
• One prepared Masonite panel• Use of Beth’s water mixable (soluble) oils. She will squeeze paint onto individual paper plates for you to use.• Four paint brushes (that student can keep)• squeegees (one large loaner and one small one to keep)• Q-tips
What student needs to bring to class:
Roll of bounty paper towels, palette or palette pad (Beth uses Sta-Wet palette seal box) but any palette will do.
Trash bag (like a plastic grocery bag) container for water (to use to paint and clean brushes)
Apron (recommended)
Optional reference photo. Either a print or your phone or iPad will also work. Beth will also have photo printouts you can borrow of subject matter that is appropriate for the class.
Beth Bathe Bio: From Lancaster PA, Beth Bathe’s representational paintings have been described by art critics as “evoking nostalgia, like that of an old sepia toned photograph, often with just touches of color.” Curiosity about the medium Beth works is often the first question of many viewers. Is it watercolor, is it oil? Beth’s answer: “somewhat both.” She works with Water Mixable Oil Colors in a limited palette, using brushes and unconventional tools. Beth crisscrosses the country, painting en plein air and participates in over ten high-profile juried and invitation national competitions a year. She loves the travel and catching up with her artist friends who are often compared to “carnies”, traveling from competition to competition. Beth was a featured artist in the 2018 February/March issue of Plein Air Magazine and in the Dec/Jan 2021 issue in an article about water mixable oil paints.